Emergency Management Agency

Tony Finnell - Director of EMA

Tony Finnell, Director EMA

Emergency Management, in essence, is the organization, coordination and management of available resources and responsibilities for dealing with all aspects of emergencies, in particular, preparedness, planning, response, mitigation and recovery.

Emergency management involves plans, structures and operational arrangements established to engage the normal endeavors of government, voluntary and private agencies in a comprehensive, coordinated means to respond to the public’s needs in the event of an emergency or disaster.


  • Alerting and notifying appropriate agencies when disaster strikes

  • Coordinating response recovery activities among multiple participating agencies and jurisdictions

  • Constantly monitoring incident status and maintaining situational awareness

  • Responding to complex incidents

  • Coordinating available resources to be mobilized in times of disaster

  • Developing plans and procedures in response to and recovery from disasters

  • Developing and providing preparedness materials and presentations to the public and business community

Meigs County EMA

14816 TN-58

Decatur, TN 37322

Contact Info:

Phone: 423-334-3211

Fax: 423-334-4316

Email: meigsema@yahoo.com