Circuit Court Clerk

Cost Information

Circuit Civil Filing Fees:

Category One Cases: Contracts, torts, personal injury, property damage, malpractice, wrongful death, employment discrimination, civil rights suits, tax disputes, special remedies, and cases not otherwise specified. ($326.50)

Category Two Cases: Worker's comp cases (bond may be used), appeals to circuit from general sessions, city courts and other courts or hearings, transfers from foreign counties, writs of mandamus, condemnation/ inverse condemnation, and quo warranto actions. ($251.50)

Category Three Cases: Adoptions, legitimations, paternity cases, termination of parental rights, domestic relations matters not otherwise designated, restoration of citizenship, name changes, minor settlements, enforcements of foreign judgements/ orders of protection, cross filings, and counter complaints. ($201.50)

Category Four Cases: Child support enforcement/ modification, interstate support cases, modification of parent plan, and civil contempt. ($176.50)


General Sessions Civil Filing Fees:

Miscellaneous & Other Filing Fees:

Miscellaneous Fees